Living the Dimensions of Wellness

Life is too short not to live a life of wellness. 

8 Dimensions of Wellness

The Wellness Grind is based on a perspective of wellness that is founded in models, theories, research, and lived experience. Wellness should be thought of with a individual and macro perspective. You must look inward for a definition of wellness that fits your lifestyle. Collectively, we must continue to push for a future where we do everything we can do to make communities, families, cities, states, and the nation #BeWell.

The Wellness Grind is founded on 8 dimensions or principles of wellness:

We often live our lives without intention, following paths, rivers, flights, people, or thoughts.  The Wellness Grind is all about exploring the dimensions of wellness each day to create an intentional journey of wellness.

What’s your Wellness Recipe?

Anyone can find their own unique wellness recipe. Your wellness recipe should include both daily activities towards your wellness and activities designed to make you feel better when you are struggling. Your favorite wellness activities can help in times of emotional turbulence, stress, or even boredom.

The Wellness Grind is your resource for identifying new activities to add to your wellness recipe. You can try a new local spot for a unique experience or a pet-friendly activity. The Wellness Grind is your key to unlocking a world of new wellness adventures.

Photo courtesy of Kate Raum

Keep on your wellness grind!

The Wellness Grind is a community of wellness focused individuals who strive to inspire others they walk their daily wellness journey.  These inspirational stories are here to help you stay on your grind and join the community!

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