Indoor Cycle Workouts

If you have access to an indoor bike or a trainer for your mountain or road bike then you have no excuse for getting your workout in! This page is for designed for you to follow the workouts I teach at home or for you to download and teach with your own class.

Each of these workouts was originally posted with the themed blog post. To make the workouts easier to access I have re-posted each one individually by title.

How to use this page:

  • Choose a workout from the list below.
  • Download the playlist by following me on Apple Music or download all the songs on the playlist in your music streaming service of choice.
  • Load the workout on your phone or tablet.
  • Start your workout pedaling at flat road. As the music changes and cycles through the workout follow the directions for each song bulleted in the workout.
  • If you are instructing, include the cues for each song based on the song profile and workout.

Indoor Cycle Workouts

May 9, 2019

Session 1: Class 4: Fuego con Amor

The Fuego con Amor workout focuses on completing drills to practice form, hand positions, and inc... Read More

May 1, 2019

Session 1 Class 3: Lost Workout

The third skill-building workout focusing on developing the proper form in 2nd and 3rd position w... Read More

April 14, 2019

Session 1 Class 2- Fuego Workout

Second skill building class designed to create fire and build endurance and speed. Read More

April 14, 2019

Session 1: Class 1- Transitions Workout

This class is focused on transitioning between classes taught by a prior instructor to a new styl... Read More