Category: Physical Wellness

Physical wellness includes all aspects of physical health.  For example, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and preventative health activities contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to achieve positive health outcomes.  The integration of healthy behaviors that benefit physical fitness impact overall health and wellness .  Integrating activities that focus on a healthy lifestyle can help you improve your mental health and support other dimensions of wellness as well.

Creating routines can help you maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, making it easier accomplish physical health goals and reach positive health outcomes.

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Bae- How I found my four-legged soul mate

This post and workout- “Bae”, are dedicated to my pup, Asha, who is my dog-child, love, and best friend. She’s a therapy pup; a security guard; and a companion for hikin ... Read More

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I’m O.K.- The Mental Health Grind

Mental Health is a hard topic to talk about. Take a peek into my mental wellness routine and how I put in the work to stay mentally fit. Read More

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Successful transitions are an important part of our well being. This 4th of July take some time to read about my spin transition story. Enjoy! Read More